What’s the difference between MAIO, mayonnaise, and the other mayonnaise alternatives?

Without sacrificing on delicious taste, MAIO contains only 20 calories per serving, which are fewer calories than even the current alternative mayonnaise products. MAIO is an alternative to alternative mayonnaise products. Let that sink in. Mind = Blown, right?

What is the pronunciation of MAIO?

It’s just like “Mayo”… to put it in a math equation: The month of May + the letter O = “MAIO”

How many servings are in each bottle of MAIO?

Each 8-ounce bottle contains about 14 servings of delicious 20-calorie goodness

How many calories per serving?

A one-tablespoon serving contains 20 calories.

Does MAIO have any artificial flavors?

Absolutely not!

Is MAIO Kosher?


Is MAIO organic?

No, it is not.

Is MAIO a vegan product?

No, as it is made with dairy yogurt.

Where is MAIO manufactured?

Our partner, Schreiber Foods, proudly manufactures MAIO at Richland Center, WI. They pride themselves in exceptional quality and innovation. We hope you enjoy!

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